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Monday, June 8, 2009

Stephen Colbert To Iraq, Self Serving Or Heartfelt Trip For Troops?

Anyone liberal or conservative who does their Hollywood show as this guy is now doing, and then broadcasts it as he is doing under the guise of entertaining the soldiers as he is doing is a bit of or a complete self serving sham as far as I'm concerned for the sole fact of it's being so highly publicized as it's been.

To visit them and provide them with entertainment is the best thing in the world, but to use them as a backdrop audience for a strictly liberal comedy routine on a for profit comedy channel is to me a bit inappropriate to say the least.

After months of planning, "The Colbert Report" is sending about 30 production staff (a third of the show's regular staff) to Iraq. The production restraints are steep, but Colbert is planning to do four shows, which will air Monday through Thursday next week at 11:30 p.m. EDT.

In my world, for starters, whoever approved this little thing at the pentagon should maybe looked at to make sure everything's working properly, as allowing Colbert to visit the war zone and entertain the troops is on it's face a great thing, but allowing them to be used as props for his show and liberal audience now and later depending on the material this stalwart liberal chooses to use.

And with his past history of mocking the whole Iraq war thing which basically launched his and Jon Stewart's careers, as most certainly President Bush will be the butt of many of if not all of his jokes if he stays true to his normal self which is way out of bounds in a war zone on foreign soil.

Celebrities have frequently traveled to Iraq to entertain the troops. But the series of half-hour shows — dubbed "Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando" — mark the first time anyone has broadcast a taped show from Iraq from a tour intended to entertain U.S. troops.

He did lure at least one conservative into the show with him to use a shield in case of partisan accusations like mine, and that will be what was supposed to be a surprise visit by Sarah Palin which she kind of screwed up with a goofy Tweet that she sent out a few weeks ago that went like this, as reported on Gawker.com at the very moment it occurred

At least if the shows suck they can get a close up look at the most beautiful and self made women to ever grace US or World politics.

So my point again is that we don't see the others who've traveled there profiting on their trips either during or otherwise, patriots day in and day out like Ted Nugent, Gary Sinise, and other conservatives and a few libs who wouldn't even think of asking for rights to televise their visits much less do it...... and I really can't for the life of me think how they could allow it, unless the monies somehow go to the soldiers, which is impossible to accommodate unless they were all paid participants at the forefront, which they were not. Otherwise they'd be reporting it and very loudly.

Visit the troops all you want and for that Colbert and others deserve praise indeed....and personally any big celebrity that hasn't done it should be made known of publicly so we all know who in that town loves the public's money and America, but doesn't support the hero's both here and abroad in harms way that make it possible for these people to become what they are, millionaire celebrities.

Stephen Colbert Shaves Head for U.S. Troops in Iraq - Television | TV | Online | Shows - FOXNews.com:


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