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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Slain abortion doctor eulogized as generous? 60,000 Guests Couldn't Make It

We can all safely assume that tens of thousands of murdered fetuses at the hands of this modern day legalized Attila the Hun weren't shedding any tears from heaven for the baby butcher at his funeral this afternoon in Kansas.

A man certainly headed straight for hell for his chosen life's work, while he was lauded today understandably by his family yet not by his twisted supporters as some kind of hero to the world for providing most of those minority women an easy way out of the mistakes they all made from their loose lipped sexual behaviors and habits.

Most of them using these late term abortions as a form of last minute birth control or simple genocide when most of them decided they simply didn't feel like dedicating the remainder of their lives and future treasure raising the child they created.

One thing I'm certain of is they sure didn't show any of these poor aborted fetuses at the abortionist's tear jerking eulogies and funeral today, one that the sickening liberal owned and run Associated Press covered similar to the way they would the death of a head of state of a third world country or with the same magnitude as a murdered soldier at an Arkansas recruitment facility.

Here's a testament to what this multi millionaire government sanctioned killer contributed to society around 60000 times he used to boast of while hanging out at left wing cocktail parties and liberal campaign rallies. One helluva way to make oneself a millionaire a hundred times over as George Tiller did at $5000 a pop.

So often we hear his supporters claim he was doing these procedures out of the goodness of his heart to which I reply "why then the exorbitant $5000 price tag as opposed to the normal $500 - $1000 for a typical fetus murder"? Because he and two other sanctioned murderers were the only two people in the entire country still doing these things., that's why..Abortion Monopoly, isn't that swell?

Here's an animation of the procedure Tiller made himself famous, notorious and filthy rich performing over his entire bloody career.

This AP piece is enough to make anyone against the murder of helpless fetuses as I am sick to their stomach as the AP treats this killer on the same par as medicinal hero's like Cardiologist Dr Debakey of artificial heart fame who spent his life saving lives, not viscously ending them as Tiller the Baby killer did.

Slain abortion doctor eulogized as generous: "WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Hundreds of people gathered Saturday to honor slain abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, eulogized by a longtime friend as a passionate and generous man who repeatedly overcame difficult challenges.

Tiller's funeral at College Hill United Methodist Church also drew small groups of protesters. Police and federal marshals provided heavy security.

Tiller, one of the nation's few providers of late-term abortions, was killed by a gunshot last Sunday in the foyer of his own church, Reformation Lutheran, while he was serving as an usher and his wife was singing in the choir. His family had the funeral at the Methodist church to accommodate the large number of mourners.

His son, Maury, said the manner of his father's death resulted in an unimaginable outpouring of love and support for the family." read more of this puke filled puff piece here if you can stand it


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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