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Monday, June 22, 2009

"A Skeleton in Barney's Closet"... Flashback 1989

I stumbled across this last night and thought I'd reprint it per se for all the folks out there who like me wonder how the hell a lowlife like Barney Frank is somehow on our tv screens day in and day out as some kind of moral authority in our congress who's making serious decisions about the future of America as one of this scuzz filled democratic majority 111th Congress.

For starters, Frank once said this about Clinton's sex scandal when speaking of his open homosexuality that America has allowed to become part of our everyday lives, which I personally abhor and am sick and tired of hearing about every day:
....he was unable to complete his review of the Starr Report detailing President Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky, complaining that it was "too much reading about heterosexual sex".
Ha ha, an old homosexual joke, wasn't that so funny? Well as I said, we're sick of hearing about Homosexual sex that this man represents evertime we see his face.

And yet despite his open deviance at the top levels of our failing government, this guy has been re elected 17 times to his congressional seat in Massachussetts.

This Wikipedia page, (who I never use as a source except for biographies) I link to only in this case as it is the most expansive writing on the internet about Frank's career long exploits, accurately enumerating the damage that he's singlehandedly done to our nation in his time in congress.

Just read this Time mag piece from '89 and scratch your heads wondering what the hell they are putting in the water up there in Massachusetts, where these people keep re electing officials like Frank and Kennedy decade after decade, a man himself who should resign his seat simply because he's far too old and now too ill to perform his duties.

As a man who lived through what he's facing now at age 21, I know what I'm talking about.

Not to mention he's solely responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne on July 19th of 1969, riminal behavior of which he never payed a price for either, along with an unending line of other democrats who somehow avoid paying the same prices we do for the malfeasance they commit, at a rate far more often then the average American man and woman I might add.

And let's not forget his illustrious son Patrick, who's simply drunk off his backside parked in a Rhode Island congressional seat in between stints in drug rehab, (where he happens to be now for the 4th time) while awaiting father Ted's last days in office, so he can step in and fill that seat back home up in Massachusetts.

Now, to back to Elmer Fudge and a repreive of this first scandal, one that should have prevented him from advancing any further than that point as a US congressional representative but somehow didn't......

A Skeleton in Barney's Closet -

TIME: ".......Last week the committee agreed to investigate Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank, who has admitted that he had an affair with a male prostitute."

On a scale of 1 to HUD, Frank's transgression is a low single digit: there is no suggestion that he used his public office for personal gain. In the eyes of some, however, private failings are far more serious: they go to a leader's judgment and character, as Gary Hart and John Tower learned. For many people, the fact that the scandal involves gay sex makes Frank's behavior more offensive; among others, tolerance of homosexuality has shielded Frank from sharper criticism.

At the least, Frank's judgment was appallingly naive. After an initial encounter in which he paid Steve Gobie $80 for sex, the Congressman says he tried to lift the younger man out of drugs and prostitution by hiring him to run errands. He wrote letters to Gobie's probation officer and paid his psychiatric bills. He allowed Gobie the use of a car and sometimes his apartment when he was out of town.

After 18 months, Frank says, he dismissed Gobie upon discovering that he was bringing clients to Frank's apartment. Two years later, Gobie tried unsuccessfully to sell his story to the Washington Post. He then gave the story to the Washington Times for nothing, in hopes of getting a book contract for the male version of The Mayflower Madam. This week Gobie will appear on Geraldo, discussing his prospects for a television mini-series.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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