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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Normandy Ceremony Slide Show and other side notes

I snapped these from the live feed picking the best shots of the cemetery and Veterans with a just few of the POTUS and TOTUS as they gave their speech, mostly commemorating the veterans of 65 years ago who saved the world from what the world is now sadly facing all over again in a fancier package, New Aged Neo Marxist Fascism...

The Supreme Leader Obama did manage a decent speech which is all he's good for, telling a touching story of one particular vet who survived the invasion, made it home in one piece, lived the subsequent 65 years returning to Normandy for the ceremony who just passed away overnight, a soldier named Jim Noreen. although I have been unable to verify that through news searches as of posting this piece.

He also learned the National anthem and actually sung the song or at least go the word from TOTUS that the others were singing theirs and so it looks as though his "silence the republicans charm school" has payed dividends as the 2 contrasting pictures below tell the tale.

So assuming that story is accurate, may he and all the thousands upon thousands of brave young men who laid their asses and lives out there on D Day, along with the other days and battles for our freedom rest in glorious peace, never to be forsaken nor forgotten.

Here British Obama lapdog poodle Gordon Brown reveals his left wing 26 hours, 8 days a week hard on for his buddy Obama by calling Omaha Beach Obama beach of all things, what an insult to the dead soldiers buried there.

It's no wonder this moron and his falling apart at the seams government is getting his and their left wing asses kicked out of office just like Obama eventually will, once his left wing supporters wake up from their moronic transes just as Brown's apparently have.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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