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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Muslim Jihadhist Skank Disrupts Memorial for Murdered Arkansas Soldier

This obnoxious Jihadhist wench and a half actually had the nerve to put on her filthy Hijab and head down to a peaceful service being held yesterday for our beloved murdered soldier Pvt William Long down in Arkansas, acting as if she just jumped off her two humped camel at the local Mecca mosque back in Saudi, sticking her filthy ass into the private business and gathering taking place in this man's memory.

This video is so representative of these pushy assed Muslims twisting and abusing these ridiculous hate crime laws being passed by our misguided Dhimmi's on the left, using wolf cries of racism to push around we born and bred Americans more and more each day, pulling shit like this they shouldn't be allowed to get away with and sure wouldn't in my presence.

This obnoxious bitch could encourage a real patriot like myself to get involved and take one for the team if she wasn't a woman just as she is trying to incite, which again she exploits the civility of we Americans for the most part, feeding shit to perfect strangers that would get her 1000 camel tail lashes, and a month long diet of camel shit should she pull this with any Muslim male back in the medieval shithole from whence she came.. rest you assured....

If that camel breathed skank's diatribe didn't get your blood boiling, than you're either not a feisty enough patriot, or simply plain uninformed, likely thanks the to MSM's neglect to warn Americans their country is being stolen right from under their noses in the name of bullshit diversity and political correctness.

Most American's are simply simply too busy or just refusing to see that activity such as this is carefully concocted by CAIR and other radical enemies from within who are agents of the Islamic takeover of the United States, using this exploitative template of new aged warfare created during the ongoing bloodless coup and takeover of Great Britain, and I for one will not sit still for this hostile invasion any more as I become more and more belligerent to these hostile invaders when the opportunity arises.

This video thankfully came to my attention from a blogstress friendly known as Velvet Hammer, and she has the more coherent lowdown on the background of this enraging encounter, as I'm simply far too frickin' pissed off to blog about this in a more level headed fashion I'm afraid...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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