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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Pics Of Happy MJ Proof Of "Dr Death-Like" Assisted "Homicide" not "Suicide"

First off I'm not a Jackson sycophant, I just believe this man was murdered and for a number of quite obvious and yet slightly different possibilities or scenarios, and that's my main interest in the continuing of commenting about the overplayed loss of the once brilliant singer and dancer Michael Jackson.

These just released pictures of a rehearsing and obviously happy Michael Jackson while not exactly pictures of Jack La'Lane are proof positive of two things to this armchair detective while this situation becomes a little murkier now that Jackson's tangled and mangled financial web becomes more publicly known..

and those things in my humble and cynically skeptical opinion could be either that he was "accidentally" (wink wink) overdosed by this so called cereal boxtop cardiologist, a clown to say the least who didn't even know how to perform CPR when called upon to do so, which is proof of his utter ignorance and indicates he was mostly a spy put in place by this management company to judge Jackson's intentions and ability to fulfill his 50 show obligation to these money hungry jackals

He was complaining of being manipulated into performing 50 shows when he thought it was only ten which says a lot as well about this company who saw Jackson as nothing more than a cash cow ripe for exploitation.

Not to even mention the eerie irony of the last photos being taken in front of stage signage suggesting Jackson's last ever appearances on a stage, too freaky for me.

Or the most nefarious of the choices and that being it was a simple outright murder, as it's become quite apparent Jackson had fallen into that very dangerous category known to the underworld of scum of relationships of close nature as the old 'Worth More Dead Than Alive" designation.........

and that's not a good place to be for someone who owes various entities hundreds of millions of dollars which it's been accurately reported Jackson does.

The insurance payoff due these people was a lot simpler for them to cash in on than it was to go forward with the risky tour that it was becoming apparent to them that MJ was in no condition to really complete thus leaving them holding the bag for tens of millions in refunds or scenario B where he was visibly ill in the opinion of those closest to him and some nefarious elements conspired to accelerate Jackson's demise in order to secure his portion of the long sought after Beatles catalog by the people at Sony...

Just a few thoughts to take in during the coming days as the people around Michael start openly brawling over his potential Elvis like goldmine which explains the delay in burying the superstar as his family makes plans to turn Neverland into his Graceland which one can somewhat understand but to keep MJ on ice over at the LA county morgue while they lay the groundwork for this potential dead man Disneyland is pretty poor taste as far as I'm concerned, but who the hell am I to judge that family other than this one thing

I don't trust this man as far as I could piss on him, that much I do know, especially after this public plea of sorts yesterday. I mean who the frock gives business plugs while at a ceremony to supposedly honor his dead son like he and this friend of his who looked like 2 elderly Rooster the Pimps

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