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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Ironically Funny Is This?
Jackson's Will Says 'Joe, Beat This Bud'...

Of coarse it's sad in the sense that the father obviously loved his son.... he was just an a hole and one of those men who showed it by beating the crap out of him and his siblings all the time.

In one sick way it sometimes takes a father and slave driver to motivate and get kids to be all they can be as Joe Jackson came from an era where kids got their tails whipped for doing things wrong in the old days and fact of the matter is in most cases it worked a lot better than what's being done nowadays which is NOTHING, kids rule the roost in today's warped society.

8 year olds now have cell phones and call child services when their parents tell them to take out the trash

I was never beat by my parents except for getting my ass whipped by Mom when I broke her favorite china hurricane glass lampshade that was literally irreplaceable or the time when I started the family car and put it in reverse as me and it slowly backed out of the driveway crossing the street and ending up backing through the neighbors fence, and other deserving mischief caused by my little brother with I as the little yet older ringleader of trouble.

But, we never got beat for missing a note during piano practice or for missing a strike three at a little league game, so I can't really understand how Michael Jackson felt but the results are quite obvious for all to see now that he apparently stiffed the old man for leaving the scars he tried to cover up with the plastic surgery but wasn't able to escape from until death.

As they say, what comes around goes around Big Joe and this is certainly has to be an ultimate humiliation after Joseph Jackson has taken the forefront since his death as if they were the best of friends like Michael figured he would....

Michael Jackson's Dad 'Left Out Of His Will'

Yahoo! News UK: "In his final will, Jackson divides his estate among his mother, three children and one or more charities - but there is no mention of his father Joe.

The revelations have been disclosed by the Wall Street Journal which says the will could be submitted to the superior court in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Lawyer John Branca and music executive John Mclain, a friend of Jackson, are named as executors.

Mr Branca, who worked for Jackson from 1980 to 2006 and was rehired by Jackson a week before his death, wrote the will in 2002, according to the US newspaper.

In an email message, a lawyer for Jackson's parents said neither he nor his clients had seen the 2002 will.

'No will has been presented to family or us,' wrote the lawyer L Londell McMillan, who also once represented Jackson.

'We will review any will when we see it.'"
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