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Monday, June 1, 2009

Egyptian Pulls Vicent Van Gogh..... With His Penis

Dang, and I thought cutting your nose to spite your face was bad!!!!!

I ran across this on USA today, who kinda' treats it as some modern day Capulet and Montague love story on their website today, instead of what it is really was and is as I'm doing here in this more accurate headline..."Moron Cuts His D%$# Off, Begs For Re Attachment".....

An act which makes all the sense in the world dont'cha you think?... "I cannot marry woman of choice, so I'll do what Vincent Van Gogh did to himself, except with my penis". OK, I see the correlation there, not, although seeing this story emanates from the land of Islam in the Egyptian city of Cairo, it should come as no surprise since they're always dismembering the human torso's of others in one way or another in celebration of their so called 'Religion of Piece", or is it "Peace"?.

The report says that he did this in retaliation to his upper crust family, who refused to let him slide on the local old time custom of not marrying downward in social status from the tent dwellers to the mudhut people I suppose. I'm sure his family is suffering now as I picture him saying to himself while committing this vile act "that'll teach 'em all, this'll show 'em all who's the boss!".

So of coarse he gets a bit remorseful and shows up at the local hospital where they then proceed to waste time and money trying to re attach the very thing that this Romeo wannabe willingly cut off...One thing for certain is that I'd make darn sure he got the bill were I running this Egyptian hospital, unless of coarse they have some version of the Obama Cross Plan we'll soon be blessed with here in the old USS of R.

Well at least one consolation for the former 3 legged man is that I'm sure his forbidden love will really welcome him back with open arms now, and just maybe he can keep little "Achmed" on the nightstand in a bottle of formaldehyde for 0ld times' sake when she visits him on weekends..... at the local Cairo mental hospital ....


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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