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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crap and Trade "Traitorous 8" Need To Be Run Out Of Offices On Rails

Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti / Michelle Malkin has a great post on this subject as well where I lifted that photoshop which I usually do myself, but not with that great one available.

The 8 RINO's are a disgrace, should be forced out of the Republican party today and then removed from office at the very next possible second if not sooner for their asinine and sell out votes on this depression igniting bill .

One that will kill what's left of American manufacturing and have the CHICOMS laughing their arses off at our political leaders' ignorance and stupidity, as they become even greater economic giants at middle American once working men and women's expense, who will become enslaved to Obama's welfare roles as a result and as intended.

Here's the list of the "Traitorous Eight", topped by the late Sonny Bono's gold diggin' RINO widow which also embarrassingly includes my moronic congressman Mark Kirk, who's conservative cred just went out the window along with his recently exnay'd marriage and his so called "family values" badge as well.

And after this he want's to run for the Illinois governor position as a Republican? Better switch parties after this vote, that's for DAMN sure, because he's done in this district after this ill advised sell out and "Obama be our buddy" maneuver he can bet on that from this household and the 5 others on my street who feel the same way I do.

So in essence, this is what those 8 RINO's said to we conservatives and republicans across our country last night with these ill advised to say the least votes......Screw you voters, we don't need you...

And to them we say "No, it'll be screw YOU" when 2010 comes, bet your trip to Barry's weekly white house bashes and Super Bowl invitations you were all promised for your votes on that one. You Flucking Traitors..
Cap and Trade to be Shoved Down Our Throats:

"The filibuster ended and the House passed the Waxman-Markey 'cap and trade' scheme 219-212. Eight Republicans sided with the Democrats on the bill.

The cap-and-trade bill is said to be able to save a whopping seven percent of the total temperature increase by 2050 while handcuffing our economy and possibly cutting off international trade.

Here are the following Republicans who jumped ship to vote with the Democrats on this massive energy boondoggle:

Mary Bono Mack (Calif.-45) 202-225-5330
Mike Castle (Del.) 202-225-4165
Mark Steven Kirk (Ill.-10) 202-225-4835
Leonard Lance (N.J.-7) 202-225-5361
Frank LoBiondo (N.J.-2) 202-225-6572
John McHugh (N.Y.-23) 202-225-4611
Dave Reichert (Wash.-8) 202-225-7761
Chris Smith (N.J.-4) 202-225-3765
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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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