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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

911 "Troofer" / Holocaust Denying 88 yr old Gunman shoots, kills guard at Jewish Museum

In this case the very first thing that of coarse the media and homeland security will do is to link this Stormfront White supremacist, September 11 denier to the genuine and peaceful conservative movement without doing one second of nor 5 minutes of investigation, which would quickly and undoubtedly reveal that there's nothing true conservatives across America including this one here denounce and reject more that 911 and Holocaust deniers. Nothing.

Just as they did in linking the murderer of George Tiller the Baby Killer to the conservative cause in general while also refusing to pay any attention whatsoever to the Muslim converted radical who killed one of finest citizens and soldiers standing peacefully in front of his place of employment which happened to be a Military recruiting center.

Where are the hate crime charges and the massive outrage from the media and so called progressives and purveyors of peace? Not anywhere near that story, that's where they WEREN'T that's for damn sure.

And this mad dog, 88 year old old school mother fricker named James W. von Brunn who wrote a nutty online book called "Kill The Best Gentiles with nothing to lose at this late stage in life was a double denier and then some. And personally I'm happy to see the police were able to nearly put him out of his obvious personal misery and hell without him being able to take any more innocent lives than he did this afternoon as he obviously seeked to leave this world in a blaze of Jew Hating glory.

A scene that quickly occurred when he exited his automobile armed with a rifle of some sort at this Washington building's streetside doorstep, shooting and killing an on duty guard named Steven Tyrone Jones at the Holocaust museum across from the Bureau of Printing and engraving, during this lone wolf ''out of mind" attack this afternoon in DC, broadcast around the world as it happened.

Another thing you won't see the so called "lame stream Obama sniffing media" do is point out the Jew hatred that came out of Barack Obama's surrogate father and hate filled Jeremiah "God Damn this America" cracker hater Wright" who was caught on tape claiming that "all those dirty Jews surrounding Barack Obama" won't let the Rev Wrong anywhere near his protege and secret son in everything but name only..

They did report the more mild things he uttered out of his racist mouth including this quote here blaming his racism on the very MSM that's protected him and Obama far more than either will admit to
you can hear "The Wrong and Loud Rev Wright and his racist views on the Jews he spewed today by clicking here

along with this quote and many others that can be read along with the entire story here

'Regret for what... that the media went back five, seven, 10 years and spent $4,000 buying 20 years worth of sermons to hear what I've been preaching for 20 years?

'Regret for preaching like I've been preaching for 50 years? Absolutely none,'

No sir, you won't see the media link that black racist angle together, instead they'll pursue that easy tried and true "Crazy Cracker Conservative extremist" angle as will their blogging affiliates throughout the real dark side of the internet with their racial hatred of all flavors, the left wing blogosphere that literally hates and rejects anyone or anything that doesn't fall lockstep within their Jackboot Gay Gestapo led Neo Marxist parade.

A parade being led by one of America's leading Jew and Caucasian haters, being none other than The One AKA Barack Hussein Obama, along with his administration's secretary of state who are both selling the jews down the river to their Muslim Saudi interests while the media is distracted with this crazy fuck and any other white nutjobs that happen to commit about .000000001% of the nation's crimes

Gunman shoots, kills, guard at Holocaust Museum: "(AP) - An elderly gunman opened fire with a rifle inside the crowded U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, killing a security guard before being shot. Authorities said they were investigating a white supremacist as the suspect.

The assailant was hospitalized in critical condition, Washington, D.C., Mayor Adrian Fenty said.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the gunman was 'engaged by security guards immediately after entering the door' with a rifle. 'The second he stepped into the building he began firing.'

One law enforcement official said James Von Brunn, 89, a white supremacist, was under investigation in the shooting, and a second official said the elderly man's car was found near the museum and tested for explosives. They spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss the investigation just beginning. more

Von Brunn has a racist, anti-Semitic Web site and wrote a book titled 'Kill the Best Gentiles.'

In 1983, he was convicted of attempting to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve Board.">


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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