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Monday, June 8, 2009

22 Illegals Packed In Deadly Minivan Crash, 10 Killed

That's the headline that CNN should be using in order to be factually correct, but instead like good leftists who enjoy seeing the country being lowered to third world status at the working man's expense, they use the less innocuous "PC terminology of deception" when they call these illegal aliens traveling like a pack of sardines in a minivan "undocumented aliens" who end up in a crash that killed ten of these poor souls out of 22 inside the vehicle pictured here

Tragic to say the least as less people die in some plane crashes.

If the mostly liberal do gooder's and PC purveyors really cared about the plight of these people, they'd close the borders and make them all accountable to the government and taxman by limiting their numbers in country to only people with full time good paying jobs. Thus also allowing local law enforcement agencies to report illegals to the feds for deportation and force cities like Chicago to discontinue calling themselves "sanctuary cities", which understandably act like "human alien magnets", pulling these people over the borders all the way down to Mexico and back just as they intend to exploit them for cheap labor as BOTH PARTY's politicians do.

This of coarse is something of which Bush didn't control near as well as he could've either, although he did manage to start this very unpopular and still unfinished border fence that has cut into the flow of drugs and illegals greatly, according to recent FBI and Border patrol data just released last week.

A little bit of positive news at least, that again the treasonous and derelict media hides from those poorly misinformed sheeple who still rely on them for their information flow, facts that if widely known, would cause real patriotic Americans to loudly demand that the thing be completed, and better yet electrified just for good measure.

However the thing was terribly oversold and nowhere near what was promised by Bush and Dr Zhivago Chertoff, still from completed which is likely where it will remain with illegal loving Obama in office, mostly as a payoff to Hispanics for pushing him over the top in November if nothing else.

But no, instead we have tragedies like this that are completely avoidable, only in this case, at least they didn't kill innocent American citizens along with them in this dangerously overfilled vehicle, packed like a Greyhound bus with not one legal American citizen among them.

The fact of the matter is, if the border were closed as it should be, then they likely would have stayed on their side of the fence and they're all alive today, it's that simple. But instead it's now "rest in peace" for at least half of them and maybe more thanks to exploitative businessmen and women along with two broken governments attracting and allowing this to continue unchecked as long as it did and still does to some extent.

It's no wonder to most normal thinking people that this death machine flipped when it did, filled with 22 illegal immigrants or any other kind legal or not. The sad thing is, if this were 22 educated and legal citizens, they would have absolutely no reason to take these kind of risks, along with remaining so disconnected from everything as they are, hiding in their underground society where the legal Hispanic communities within every city in America shields them all from detection.

it only hurts them in the end which in this case was a violent and very tragic one that the survivors will now to contend with in whatever ways they are affected if at all for the rest of their lives.
10 immigrants killed in SUV crash in Arizona - CNN.com: "CNN) -- An SUV carrying almost two dozen undocumented immigrants crashed in Arizona over the weekend, killing 10 people and injuring several others, state police reported Sunday.
This Ford Excursion was packed with 22 passengers inside when it crashed in Arizona late Saturday night.

This Ford Excursion was packed with 22 passengers inside when it crashed in Arizona late Saturday night.

The Ford Excursion crashed at about 11:55 p.m. Saturday in a remote area about 30 miles north of the Mexican border, ejecting almost all the 22 passengers inside, police said in a statement.

In addition to the dead, 12 people were hospitalized.

The identity of the driver, passengers and owner of the Excursion were not released."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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