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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WTC Plans Drastically Scaled Back, In other words, "The Terrorists Won"

Where's some of that trillions of stimulus money being wasted on Murtha Airport, Pelosi's Field Mice, Schumer's crotch lice and so on and so on? I'm pretty certain most Americans would like to see this shrine to Muslim Terrorists taken off the things to blow off list.

According to these links on Drudge this morning they're jerking off up there in Schumer and her Royal Thighness' land AKA New York State

NYT: 'Relatively little' stimulus spending so far...

Local projects slow to start...

Not to mention that other shrine to Muslim terrorists going up in Shanksville PA, near the aforementioned Murtha airport, disguised as the Flight 93 debacle.

These politicians and their lallygagging and bickering have now resulted in a disgraceful victory for the filthy Muslim Terrorists as the credit crisis has shaved this goofy future-land Disney like attraction with 5 towers now into two, one of which is the so called Freedom Tower that they're changing the name of as well as you'll recall from a few weeks ago

In other words means this seven years of screwing around, fighting over which person's name would be first on the cornerstone, and which politicians picture would be chiseled in the stone blocks has resulted again in one big victory for the terrorists and another humiliating defeat for Americans and our Freedom

If these people would've just woke up a year after the tragedy and simply replaced the towers as they were, with safety modifications adding along with a wonderful yet simple memorial to the people killed, the project would be completed today with pre Obama dollars, and two big, beautifully restored middle fingers of American will and power staring Eurabia right back they way they were which most people wanted anyways would be the result.

Instead, we have this Obamination now being shoved down New Yorkers and America's throats, a failure and nothing more than bullshit afterthought which is more of a disgrace then leaving the damn Muslim created grave the way it is at this point. A complete failure our enemies are laughing their camel chapped asses off at today you can rest assured.

What a damn disgrace.

Port Authority wants to dump three of five proposed skyscrapers for WTC site

"The incredible shrinking World Trade Center will be cut back from five iconic skyscrapers to just two signature towers under a new Port Authority plan, the Daily News has learned.

Bludgeoned by recession and a war with developer Larry Silverstein, the Port Authority is proposing halving the office space it will build at Ground Zero - from 10 million square feet to 5 million, sources familiar with the plan say.

The sources say the agency's new vision for the site calls for scrapping one tower that would have been taller than the Empire State Building and nixing two others that would have dwarfed the nearby Woolworth Building."

In place of two Silverstein behemoths, each designed by a British lord and soaring 79 stories, the PA would erect a pair of short, squat buildings no taller than four or five floors - coined "stumps" - that could be used for retail shops, according to the proposal.

The vastly scaled-back site plan was disclosed to The News hours before Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on Friday branded budget-busting delays and cost overruns at the 16-acre site an "embarrassment to our city, our state and our nation."

Mayor Bloomberg promptly followed up by inviting all warring parties to a summit meeting this week.

End of master plan

Revamping the sacred spaces where nearly 3,000 people were killed on 9/11 marks a dramatic break from the original 2003 Daniel Libeskind master plan, which called for a row of cascading office towers to replace the 10.4 million square feet of office space destroyed by terrorists.

Although the Freedom Tower will still climb to its symbolic 1,776 feet, and the Memorial will occupy the heart and soul of the site, the showcase buildings designed by world-class architects - on which Silverstein has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars - will be absent.

"It's getting smaller and smaller and smaller," said Enrique Saurez, a dishwasher from Venezuela who worked at Windows on the World, where 73 employees died. "What happened to their so-called master plan?"

What happened was a calamitous credit crisis that dried up bank financing for Silverstein and a fiscal crunch that has led to falling revenues at PA bridges, tunnels and airports - all amid an increase in borrowing costs.

With a squeeze on cash, lenders, Wall Street tenants, the agency and the builder launched a new round of heated talks to determine exactly who will build what - and on what terms it will be financed.

The result is a PA proposal that would:

- Reduce Tower 2, a planned 79-story, 1,270-foot Silverstein building designed by Lord Norman Foster, to a glorified, prettied-up stump. Read more:


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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