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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wisconsin High School Football Star Killed in Nasty Car Crash

This young man named Bryan Webb was killed overnight in a terrible high speed car crash resulting in the car flipping over several times at over 100 mph according to reports coming from WTMJ 620 again out of Wisconsin, where the students attended Wisconsin Lutheran High and the young Webb was a standout football running back.

One of the passengers is in stable condition in the ICU. The other person's condition is not known, but school leaders believe he will survive.

Obviously not the kind of start to a Memorial day weekend this rural Wisconsin community was looking for as it's always sad to see our young teens lose their lives in a second's notice as is so often the case with car crashes among the young.

Sadly this is something that's been happening generation after generation in America including mine almost 30 years ago, when and where we lost a number of students and great friends to car crashes both drug and alcohol related and not in every year of my high school attendance between '79-'83.

There's no indication anything of a nefarious nature was involved in the crash other than the ridiculously high rate of speed the kids were traveling, and with the young driver logging only 6 months of licensed driving under his belt, he sure had a lot to learn and will sadly never be given the chance.

We in Illinois have increased the ages for licensed teen drivers getting them gradual exposure to the dangers and pleasures of driving a car in today's high speed and distraction filled society coupled with over populated roadways from the once 16 year full privilege license I received in 1982 to the graduated system now in place which I have to say is one of the few smart things to come out of Springfield in my lifetime which can be examined in detail at the IL secretary of state website here.

Wisconsin has no special rules or regulations as do we, and this may be looked at more intensely by other states as more and more kids' lives are ended unexpectedly and obviously unnecessarily as was this young man's in today's busy and distracting driving environment for adults and teens alike, with the use of cell phones and texting becoming far too common and dangerous for drivers of cars today

And frankly I wouldn't be shocked to find that one or more of these activities had an impact on this terrible tragedy again ending the life of 16 year old Bryan Webb and possibly others on a weekend we're supposed to be remembering those who gave their lives for our freedoms, not burying and eulogizing young teens who haven't even experienced any of them as adults before being taken away from this life.


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