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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"When is a Bailout Not a Bailout?" -When It's GE's NBC In Obama's Jock, That's When

This is a story that Bill O'Reilly has been all over like Perez Hilton's Gay Gestapo on Carrie Prejean, the California Beauty Queen who took the left to school today by the way, a story that still hasn't raised the ire of the American public outside of many top conservative blogs and news providers like Human Events. The corruption triangle between GE, Obama and NBC is the most scandalous media episode to go unreported in our history

O'Reilly called it here....

Human events yesterday brought another rather large nugget of interest to me and others, and you would think to millions of others as well who like to hear the news in an unbiased, non communist type of delivery, again you would think and hope.

However that's not that's not the case and certainly not what viewers of that left wing, rabid dog known as Keith Olbermann are getting from MSNB Sleaze every night opposite Bill O'Reilly who slams the hell out of the guy for years on end night after night by the way

Meanwhile the foaming at the mouth liberal loon just got himself a hefty little pay jack of about 3 mil a year, thanks mostly to GE and it's NB Sleaze Subsidiary being on the Barry Obama Stimulus buddy program, which when translated to normal speak means you and I are funding this froth filled nut and his cohorts on that channel and frankly I consider it to be an unlawful payout on par with anything AIG and the hated bankers tried pulling off.

The American people starting here with you and I should demand forthwith that the GE stimulus monies in their entirety be refunded immediately for misappropriation of Stimulus funds, and then charged with criminal activity just like again some of these hated by the leftward loons CEO's of the Banks who can't even come out of their driveways without police escort for God sakes.

For those unfamiliar with the person of interest mentioned here, one Keith Mad Dog Olbermann here's a little taste with instead an impression done by Ben Affleck which is pretty damn accurate I must say, Should you prefer the real thing you can go here and experience that, but not on this blog.

post and video inspiration from Maggie @ Maggie's notebook

When is a Bailout Not a Bailout? -

HUMAN EVENTS: "When is a bailout not a bailout? When the company being bailed out: a) is politically well-connected; b) owns major media properties, including two national television networks; and c) has friendly ties to the current administration. In other words, when you’re GE.

Since the onset of the current financial crisis General Electric, one of America’s biggest companies, has seen its corporate bonds underwritten by the FDIC to the tune of $41 billion -- a number that, under current commitments, could rise as high as $126 billion. Yet company flaks continue to insist this does not constitute a bailout, even though it’s a federal guarantee that leaves taxpayers holding the bag if things go bad. If it quacks like a duck…." more here


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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