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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terror suspects wanted to commit jihad..Converted In Prison and "Proof Islam Travels To The Lowest Points Of Society Wherever It's Found

On one hand you have stories and proof of prisoners who find God in prison, who pray and pray gently and peacefully for their hopeful release someday, doing all the good that they can muster to rehabilitate and then enter back into society as useful and very often abnormally productive Americans that we happily welcome back into the fold of normal society.

What would perhaps be the one exception to that welcoming back is the sexual predators and pedophiles who have a much harder road to hoe than do regular run of the mill burglars and criminals and for a damn good reason as far as I'm concerned. Recidivism is too much of a risk and too often the norm with those sicko's.

On the other hand, we have the run of the mill scumbucket scuzz that ends up in prison for a list of offenses that it would take three gigs of blogging to enumerate, and when they enter prison instead of finding and seeking Jesus, they instead find some sack of bum named Rafsan Jani or some other god forsaken Islamic named retread, who then recruits and introduces their next "Jihad Johnny" dupe to Allah and the gang in the prison yard.

And then what happens next is an all too familiar story with today's prisons across the country and that is this outcome..

Whaddaya know. voila, together they all privately read the Koran word for word day after day in their little makeshift mosques that CAIR and other terror fronts on the outside get them awarded, along with all the special food and other stuff they manage to get through manipulation by crying racism, using the finger pointing Islamophobic garbage that they've learned is so effective from watching America's homosexual community Nazi's acheive the same results they're looking for through racial intimidation..

Then they all get on their Islamic converted knees toiling away while learning and preaching the radical word and version of Islam, taking their private taxpayer funded footbaths together each day while praying some more.

Often up to 5 times a day to the Murdering Pedophile they've now taken as their savior, the one and only Allah AKA Muhammad and father of the religion of peace, Islam.

So after years and years of this "training and brainwashing" allowed to miraculously go on in a Christian Judaic country's prisons as if they're Islamic terror training facilities, in order to appease the Muslim masses on the outside who are practically taking over the country who's yellow bellied society bends over backwards, forwards, and any which way but loose to make these people happy

However, instead of becoming thankful and productive Americans as payback for all these special privileges they're afforded to make them into good little prisoners during their incarceration, again instead of one day being released back into our society as productive "ready to go" Americans, they've now festered into Islamic, America hating scum that can't wait to attack the first Jew or Christian they encounter after their release.

They've now become near animals who are counting the very minutes and seconds until their release, conning anyone and everyone they have to in order to get their parole that they're now peaceful Allah loving Muslim converts, and this is what they end up doing upon their release back into society.

Islam, the Religion of peace? My honky ass is is, as this group, who were all converted while in prison at one time or another, went as far in their year long planning of Jihad as to physically planting what they thought were pipe bombs that were actually built for them by undercover FBI agents outside a local Jewish New York City Temple, while Obama and friends thinks there's no war against terror going on in this country.

And these were homegrown American Islam converted scum bred and taught to hate right inside our prisons and jails, which are now infiltrated with enough radical Muslims for them to resemble a Jihad Traning Camps, can you just imagine what true and real live middle eastern Islammers feel about this country and it's people.

My Way News - "NEW YORK (AP) - The New York City police commissioner says four men wanted to commit jihad when they plotted to bomb a Jewish temple and shoot down military planes in upstate New York.

At a news conference outside the Bronx temple Thursday, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly quoted one of the men as saying, 'If Jews were killed in this attack ... that would be all right.'

However, Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned against stereotypes. He stressed that the Riverdale Temple is open to people of all faiths, including a Muslim girl who sometimes prays there.

The city leaders met privately with congregants Thursday morning. Kelly said the neighborhood security was heightened to improve residents' comfort level." more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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