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Monday, May 4, 2009

Obamas' night out__Barf-O-Rama

All I can say about the media at this point and from here on out is this

Whenever and wherever you see my "Obama Barf O Rama Seal" you know that the story you are about to see will make you hurl unless you are one of the Obama sycophants and acolytes to which the Obama's ridiculously do no wrong.

To those folks this morning drooling over this pathetic in print Obamagasm I say "See how long your sad and pathetic tingly feeling lasts when you join your neighbors on the unemployment lines for the next three years because of the media churning out Love Story garbage like this pathetic puff momma piece from over the weekend lied and lied to you as the country sank further and further into Obama's self created pit of hell"...

If they strolled past my window this is what they would've got
Obamas' night out: Citronelle and a walk:

The Swamp: "Life outside the bubble:

The Obamas went out for dinner tonight.

Obamas after dinner.jpg

And they didn't go for clam strips at the HoJo.

The first couple slipped out of the White House tonight for dinner at Citronelle, one of Washington's premier restaurants, the production of a prize-winning chef, Michel Richard, with a wine cellar holding about 8,000 bottles.

The president wore a dark suit but no tie, the first lady a white sleeves-rolled blouse tied in the back, with black capri pants, her hair pulled tight in a pony tail.

A crowd assembled on M Street outside the restaurant, with one woman pacing and shouting into a bullhorn: 'This is so great that you are here... Create fear and terror.'

The crowd appeared to ignore her.

The Obamas, who had left the White House by motorcade just before 6 pm EDT, left the restaurant for the return home just before 8.

They strolled the South Lawn a bit.

The Bulls were playing.
And The Bulls lost........Blllllaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Hey Ray... sorry about the Bulls I was rooting for them... My cousin in CA sent me this youtube video... worth the watch if you have not seen.


  2. Yeah, I lost 100 bucks on that game after getting lucky on the Derby/It is a good youtube and I may post it today or tomorrow...thank you. :>)


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