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Thursday, May 7, 2009

NBC 5 And Schools Scratch Heads Why Kids Get Less Playground Time

Caught this story last night on our local news which I hardly ever watch but saw in between O'Reilly's rerun and some blogging, when in the background I hear the reporter singing the "poor children don't have much recess anymore at schools' blues.

Then came the obligatory doctor's, both of the psych and physical variety bemoaning the fact that today's children are being robbed of their childhood's by the reduction of playground activities today. The one's that you and I enjoyed so much with no problems whatsoever in our younger days, mostly in these very same schools and neighborhoods they now populate 30 years later.

The only problem with the story is they know damn well what the answer to this self fulfilled prophecy is, yet with the inability to blame the obvious culprits causing this conundrum, they fumble through the "woe is they" story leaving the far too many absent minded viewers probably wondering "gee my same sex lover, I wonder why is this happening today to our little test tube kiddies who have no father in their lives?"

The obvious answer to that question lies right out in the open, that of coarse being today's liberals, ACLU and their 1000's of lawyers, that's why this is happening and that is all there is to it, end of story and the whole world knows it except for the liberals with blinders on deciding what's best for everyone else.

It is those three groups and only those who are to blame for this dilemma facing today's sadly pussified American children, being brought up through no doing of their own in this goofy, back assward's dreamworld where everyone's a winner and there are no losers, and we can all get along without competition, all so nobody's feelings are hurt, just because they might not be as good at sports and the outdoor activities as others we must take them away from them all....you know the drill...... etc etc.

And so we welcome you to the woeful oo la la land of unicorns and honey Johnny and Susie, isn't it so entirely swell? Not according to these kids...

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com/video.

The Pleasure of Play | NBC Chicago: "It's a magical part of childhood, and something you assume every child does, naturally.

But increasingly, education experts say play is simply disappearing from childrens' lives. A recent study from the Alliance for Childhood surveyed more than two hundred teachers in New York and Los Angeles, and in March, released a report called 'Crisis in Kindergarten.' It found that on average, the teachers reported kindergarteners spent two to three hours on math and reading instruction, including testing. And the kids spent less than 30 minutes playing.

Here in Chicago, the chief officer of early childhood education for the Chicago Public Schools said she's seen the same thing.

'Not only has there been a decrease of playtime at school, there's a decrease of playtime at home,' said Dr. Barbara Bowman, who adds that the patterns of childrens' lives have simply changed.

'Children are in center-based programs, whether it's child care or preschool beginning at age three. In addition, many children are involved in sports and athletics programs, even when they are four and five years old,' Bowman said.

So those long hours of Duck, Duck, Goose, Tag, or jumping rope are often replaced by the Three R's, or activities that are led and organized by teachers."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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