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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Message To Gays Who Think America's So Intolerant....
"Go To Russia For A While and Experience Real Intolerance"

I wonder why all the tough and intimidating Gay Gestapo members led by their own little gay Hitler better known to the western world as Perez Hilton didn't fly out to Moscow this weekend to show their Russian counterparts their solidarity in the face of real oppression?

Instead they all chose to stay here in the comfort of their own country they claim to hate so much, mostly because of the imagined and self created animosity they claim we so called homophobic straight Americans put them through every day, as they force their perverted sexuality and preferences upon Americans and their children day in day out.

Done without hardly any real pushback from the 95% of Americans who aren't gay and weren't born that way (another false claim featured in another post today) thanks to the perversion of the justice system by creating a special class of so called hate laws ALL based on an incident that never occurred the way it's been falsely portrayed for political gain better known as the Mathew
Sheppard murder.

Maybe next time they all gather to complain about how bad they have it here in the near morality-less America, we can remind them again what real oppression and abuse looks like by showing them this article and tape, something they know absolutely nothing about compared to these truly oppressed people, the whopping, extra large Russian gay community, which according to this information amounted to about 30 lousy people out of, what, 100 million or so by the way.

So for these 30 or 40 people an entire country and continent is expected to throw away their morality and beliefs so they too can become a country filled with sexual deviates and disease ridden communities like San Francisco and other gay communities in here in America and elsewhere around Europe spreading AIDS and STD's all in the name of political correctness to force immorality on the entire planet.

This behavior is the real reason why radical Muslims hate America, and anyone who says anything different is living in a land of make believe as they make clear over and over they abhor the decadence and immorality Hollywood so then by proxy America promotes throughout the world that they choose not to be infected with, and frankly that's their prerogative.

Police break up Moscow gay march - Russia-

msnbc.com: "MOSCOW - Moscow police violently dispersed a gay pride rally Saturday that was banned by city authorities, drawing attention to Russia's record on gay rights as it prepares to host a major international pop music competition.

About 30 activists gathered near a university in southwestern Moscow to protest discrimination against gays and lesbians in Russia.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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