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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Illinois IDOT Hopes New Signs Pay Off (So State Can Waste More Of Our Money?)

Hey, first of all they gotta pay these legal bills for the last two governors, one in prison and another one certainly on the way. They surely cannot pay all those bills with the state income tax and the millions made on the tens of thousands of DUIs they pass out in this state at about 1-$10,000 a pop, right? What about all the lottery money they make hand over fist that they spend on some of the crappiest schools in the land?

That is when the money actually makes it into that imaginary pot of supposed untouchable funds.

So what's happening to those hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars? Don't ask, don't tell because we sure don't know what the hell, and they probably do not either.

And let's not forget paying the salaries of elected officials who abuse their government salaries and stipends to run for the next higher elected office for one sometimes two years, especially those long and very expensive presidential elections you know?

Gotta pay for those victory parties that the president elect promised to atone for that cost the metropolis of Chicago about 1.3 million tax payer dollars, right?

And finally don't forget the millions and millions of illegals we support in this region thanks chiefly to the city of Chicago declaring itself a sanctuary city to the detriment of the rest of the state thank you.

So they have to make certain they collect every little dime down to the penny from using the roads, which are about the crappiest roadways you can find in the country besides the old Oregon Trail by the way, in case you have never traveled these parts. If you haven't trashed the suspension, rims and tires on a 30, 40 0r $50.000 car on our roads here throughout Illinois and the Chicagoland area, you just have not lived.... lemme tell ya!!

As a result, the state government currently is going on a publicity binge scaring the bejewels out of whoever they can to make certain they pay the tolls that they blew off while cruising through Hot Rod Blagojevich's baby called IPASS. This translates to "You PASS and THEY PASS, while I PAY" is the true secret is about those little electronic things, so here's what they are doing about that small problem of far too many people cruising through while saying "come get your stinkin tolls you crooks"..

Wasting more money on more signs and bureaucratic red tape and bullspit, that's what they're doing/

The truth is they like when people don't pay, because then they actually set the monetary screws to those people, and my bet is this is only window dressing, so they can actually charge more and claim "YOU were forewarned!"

Read about the money grubbing and wasting campaign below.....

- chicagotribune.com: "The advertising slogan 'Just Do It' raked in billions of dollars for Nike, but will roadway signs advising drivers to 'PAY IT!' and 'DON'T DELAY IT!' help Illinois officials collect unpaid tolls?

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority this week will start testing new, punchier types of signs aimed at grabbing the attention of drivers who unintentionally fail to pay tolls.

The signs will likely have no impact on the 1 percent or 2 percent of drivers -- hard-core toll scofflaws -- who knowingly, and chronically, skip paying tolls.

But officials said they hope the new edgier signs will serve as reminders to pay up to the roughly 4 percent of tollway drivers who mistakenly miss tolls."

Most missed tolls are due to drivers of vehicles that aren't equipped with I-PASS transponders accidentally going through open-road tolling lanes, or drivers not having exact change at entrance ramp coin baskets, officials said.

Drivers face no fines if they submit the missed toll within seven days of the violation. Payment using a credit card or debit card can be made online at www.illinoistollway.com. Missed tolls also can be mailed to the toll authority or paid in person at tollway customer service centers at oases rest stops.

Some of the new signs that the toll authority will experiment with adopt the style of Burma Shave shaving cream billboards dating to the 1920s. The signs were spaced along highways to be read consecutively as drivers and their passengers traveled by.

Some tollway locations will have single signs that say, "UNPAID TOLL? 7 days to pay."

Several design schemes will be tested to gauge driver reaction. The toll authority will follow up with surveys before deciding on a style, said toll authority spokeswoman Joelle McGinnis.

The single signs, while more eye-catching than the existing missed-toll signs, are not as in-your-face as a second strategy that will be tested.

At some spots, such as on Interstate Highway 90 west of Elgin, two signs will be stacked on a post, followed by two more signs a short distance away. It follows the Burma Shave formula. Here is the sequence:




"7 days to pay"

Clearly, it doesn't exude the charm of the old shaving cream couplets, like:

"Have Pity On The Mighty Caesars

They Pulled their Whiskers Out With Tweezers

Burma Shave"

But what do you expect from a bunch of tollway bureaucrats and engineers?


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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