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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fire Ignited By Cunningham To Burn Britain for Savage ban

I have been listening to Bill Cunningham on Sunday night talk radio ever since he took the place long held by Matt Drudge in the 10 pm to midnight slot on WLS Am talk here in Chicago, and along with the rest of the right talkers you'll find in the left sidebar of this blog offers his own brand of conservatism for a long time based out of Cincinnati Ohio's 700 WLW.

He made a national name for himself back in the election season of last year when he was on hand at a McCain rally in Cincinnati and as he does on his radio show and did starting way back refers to the Muslim Boy King Obama by his first name as a warm up to the rally. The Obama campaign led by the whiners on the left who made Hussein a dirty word during the campaign got McCain to take their side in ridiculing the host and basically publicly spanking him as well.

A moment which for me became the instant that I and many others knew that from then on John McCain was certain to lose the election, as he feared being falsely branded a racist by the ObaMorons and their attack squads at Media Matters and the Netroot nuts thus self precluding himself from using the most damaging ammunition that would have saved the country from this now well known fraud and Obamination known as Barack Hussein Obama.

His "I'm above all that" attitude really cost him a lot of votes, and while I pulled the lever in November for the RINO war hero that Cunningham rebuke caused me to write a letter to the campaign scolding their handling of McCain and their obvious intent to not win that election.

Here you can see Cunningham being attacked about three weeks ago on the Hannity show by Geraldo and Big Boobed Bob Beckel for that very moment during the election as Cunningham kind of tries to weasel his way out of the reasoning behind his DOWNLOAD (166) Download WMV Download Quicktime PLAY (934) Play WMV Play Quicktime

This past weekend Cunningham also distinguished himself from the mostly self serving right wing talkers minus Laura Ingraham who I adore and Rusty Humphries by coming to Michael Savage's defense on his Sunday show, doing so by calling out Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh among some other smaller players from the Mike Gallagher level for not taking the defense of free speech stand that Cunningham has after Savage was banned from entering Britain a few weeks back by the left wing loon U.K. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

A moron in the third degree if there ever was one who defended her decision to ban Savage this past Tuesday by saying, "In his radio broadcasts, Mr. Savage has spoken about killing 100 million Muslims, and he has spoken in violent terms about homosexuals."

This entire episode is beginning to look more and more like a move made to help Obama and other American left loons use this Britain ban to aid them in their pursuit of banning the talk radio circuit back here in America as we've come to know it cloaked in a more friendly looking version of the already once banished "Fairness Doctrine".

Doing so by introducing backdoor legislation a few months ago through another disgraceful liberal Illinois Democrat who literally makes me sick to my stomach every time I see his face or hear his voice ever since comparing our troops to the notorious Pol Pot during the left wing created Abu Graib scandal, one DICK Durbin who's name is one of those perfect self fulfilling prophecies.

World net has a lengthy piece on this very subject you can read here and also provides information on how you and I can get involved beyond the writing of these types of net rants and such if you're interested.

Here's a piece of it here.

Radio fire ignited to burn Savage ban: "A well-known right-leaning radio firebrand whose face has become a staple on cable TV news shows has vowed to speak out against the U.K.'s blacklisting of Michael Savage – and he's demanding that the nation's talkers join him.

Bill Cunningham, Cincinnati host of 700 WLW who replaced Matt Drudge on the Sunday night Premiere Radio Network talk show, is best known for being scolded by John McCain after he referred to President Obama as 'Barack Hussein Obama' during the presidential campaigns. He pledged Sunday to talk about Britain's ban every week on his live show, aired in more than 200 markets, until the U.K. removes Savage's name from its blacklist.

'If the kings and queens of talk radio do not arise and stand with Michael Savage, they're going to start picking us off one at a time,' Cunningham told WND. 'If we don't stand with Michael, there'll be no one left to stand with each of us when the FCC or the British government or the American government comes after us. I see it as personal because if Michael Savage falls, who are they going to pick on next?'

Cunningham pledged, 'Every Sunday between now and the end of time, I will talk about Michael Savage, support Michael Savage and encourage boycotts of everything British until they free Savage from this fatwa that was issued by the British government.'" more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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