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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Colin Powell Joins The Ranks Of Megan McCain In Wishing For GOP Lite

Is this National Month of the RINO or what?

Well today the darling of the left from the right award goes to Colin Powell, who has been whizzing all over conservatives ever since he feels he was made the scapegoat for the bad intelligence leading to the invasion of Iraq when in fact it was his job to sift through the bad and good, and guess what?

He, and his people got suckered like the rest of the sad sad world by a Saddam who was playing the west like an Arabian snake charmer and that is a fact jack. But that hasn't stopped him from doing fine impression of a liberal getting down on his knees for anyone that'll listen to his altered side of the story throwing Bush and anyone else he can under the intelligence bus that he was driving

So he's been on a "Please Please Redeem Me" tour ever since, taking every opportunity to ingratiate himself to the left and this is yet another one of those moments that will earn him some great face time on Rachel the Rat Maddow and Keith Countdown Olbermann circuit, along with an appearance on Larry "Cradle Robber" King to be wrapped up with a quick stop on the view as the cherry topper on the liberal "Suck up Chocolate Sunday".

Newsbusters Noel Sheppard has a good piece on this subject this morning

as is this one below from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Rush Limbaugh, Colin Powell and the GOP

Thinking Right with Jim Wooten: "I’m a Rush Limbaugh fan. I rarely get to hear him, but he’s an enormously entertaining commentator who has made invaluable contributions to the conservative cause by assembling a huge national audience and reminding them daily of the movement’s core concerns.

As the Republican Party struggles to identify its values, and specifically whether it wants to be a slightly more centrist version of the Democratic Party — Democrat-lite — Limbaugh draws critics from within that wing of the Republican Party, critics who declare him to be the embodiment of what’s wrong with the GOP.

The latest of those is former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who told a gathering of corporate security executives in Washington that “the Republican Party is in deep trouble” because the country has changed. “Americans are looking for more government in their lives, not less,” he said. “Americans do want to pay taxes for services.”" continued
Not this American, Colon, or is it Colin?


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. What does Colin Powell know, anyway. He's the "Republican" that endorsed Obama, then re-assured us all that Barack was "qualified to be Commander-in-Chief" the week before the Russians caught Obama completely asleep-at-the-wheel and nabbed the Krgyzstani air-base that we use to fly-in most of our supplies to Afghanistan.

    I don't trust Powell an inch, he apparently feels guilty about promoting the Iraq war (but shouldn't) and is trying to make amends. He will be considered even more irrelevant (if that's possible) when Obamamania collapses in a poof of dust.

    And Powell's motivations are plenty suspect, IMO- a guy from Bush's own cabinet promotes Obama... so why has he never endorsed any liberal, inexperienced white candidates before?

    Team Obama, the DNC, and their MSM sycophants have been employing despicable Alinsky-esque divide-and-conquer and character assassination techniques for months now… manufacturing synthetic “fights” like Limbaugh vs. Steele, plus ceaseless ridicule of Jindal, Palin, even shameful distortion of the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Clearly, the strategy is to eliminate GOP rallying points and philosophical framework for 2010/12 and create the image of a party in disarray.

    And it’s not difficult to see why the Democrats might prefer to banter playfully about made-up GOP “scandals” and irrelevancies like Meghan McCain’s latest drivel than debate Obama’s ongoing destruction of the country.

    When their pork-n-welfare spending orgy fails to create any real economic gains -but stokes vicious inflation and crashes the dollar instead- the Democrats face a bloodbath in 2010.

    And by 2012? LOL, the GOP could take 40 states running Gilbert Gottfried.


  2. "And by 2012? LOL, the GOP could take 40 states running Gilbert Gottfried." I second that emotion...

    try and do me a favor next time and use html if you please, long naked links make the sidebar 4 inches wide in shitty IE in the new comments widget,,thanks


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