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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beck Warns Of Voices Being Silenced

And it will be the sound of silence if conservatives don't start fighting for their very lives, instead of bickering about who's the better conservative, or who's embarrassing the movement and all that jazz like we see going on throughout the blogosphere right now.

The Daily Beast has an article on this very subject tonight/today by the way.

As the facts are these;

the whole bunch of us on the left and the right better realize Obama and the lunatics in congress are out to silence everyone, and whether or not people think Glenn Beck is bad for conservatives and so on, or Carrie Prejean is an embarrassment, Sarah Palin is this or that....Beck is he's right on here.

Now here he is later in the same show bashing in the empty head of this ACORN apologist who makes me wanna bash my TV in every time I hear his lies and bullshit


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. The writing is on the wall. We have seen the legislation and Beck is correct.

  2. Judging from what that ACORN nutbag on his show said to him, I believe they will do just that. I think that if they are silenced, we will have seen the end of civil conservatism. I think that will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back.

  3. I'm just so tired of this "we're above this and that".. that's exactly why they keep getting away with this crap.

    We all want to keep it civil, but when your in a pigpen we're gonna have to get muddy, that's where the country is today.

    We have to reach into the toilet to unclog it, then we can clean it up is my theory. Can't clean it out by staring at it going "I won't stick my hands in there"

  4. I have worked in the mortgage industry for years. I have experienced ACORN first hand with their ridiculous protests in the lobby//Let me tell you how it would go..... White man dressed in a suit and tie with a binder in hand looking all professional would enter the lobby..(lender lobbies are not open to the public, you have to push a button to be let in by the receptionist)As soon as said white person was let in, he would hold the door open for the 25+ black americans dressed in their red shirts and the chants would begin.... The saddest thing was to watch the blacks being taken advantage of by said whitey and they did not even catch on. If you attempted in anyway to speak to them regarding their concern, the answer from whitey was always " Your afraid of the black people" or "you are prejudice" We always had to call the police and they would leave with no hassle.... I think their community organizer taught them that.

  5. Community Organizer = Racial Rabblerouser.

  6. Ray: I understand you wanting to bash the TV when some libtard is on, just don't grab your gun and pull an Elvis!

  7. Dude I use my Old Tube TV for that stuff out in the garage, or head down to the gun range once a week to unleash what doesn't come out through the blog therapy lol


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