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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Airline mechanics who can't read English? You Bet, Isn't That Swell?

Feel like getting on your next flight this morning now after hearing something as crazy as that? As if these companies and the damn government can't find tens of thousands of highly qualified American's just dying to have a great job like working as airline mechanics making upwards of $110.000 a year?

This revelation is so criminal and I just can't understand why so many Americans (so called at least) on the liberal side of the fence are willing to see American lives in jeopardy as well as born and bred Americans standing on bread and unemployment lines, all so we can be politically correct!!

These bleeding hearts expending all this sympathy for the poor little "undocumented aliens" as they call them, and yet having none whatsoever for their fellow born and bred Americans who are more qualified, just as needy and twice as deserving of these jobs as these illegals are.

We here in Illinois had a similar scandal except with illegal alien truck drivers buying truckers class "C" certifications or licenses allowing them to operate trucks along Illinois highways, a scandal oin the Clinton 90's era that ended up costing the poor Willis family's 6 out of 7 children their young lives all in one truck and car accident.

(rev scott willis who's children burned to death as being described )
This tragedy occurred when one single illegal alien was being verbally warned for miles and miles that a piece of his truck's steel bumper was hanging precariously off the back of his rig, which later came dislodged and ended up underneath the Willis vehicle at highway speed, thus igniting a flaming inferno that that mother and father escaped with their lives but were only able to save 1 of 8 children.

All because this selfish man was operating big 18 wheel death machines with not a speck of English under his belt to aid him in reading signage and understanding simple verbal warnings that his truck was falling apart. How he managed as long as he did without someone getting killed sooner is anyone's guess.

The tragedy launched the government's eight-year Operation Safe Road investigation(pdf) of corruption of former Illinois Governor Ryan.

All this illegality in order to fill Republican Secretary of State wishing to be Illinois governor George Ryan's campaign coffers, scandal of which landed Ryan in prison as we all know which is where he still rots away and will likely die behind bars before finally meeting his maker for the real punishment in hell that he so deserves trading licenses for campaign contribution and the lives of the Willis children.

News 8 Investigates: Airline mechanics who can't read English |

News 8 has recently revealed serious flaws in the way the FAA licenses mechanics who fix planes.

There is evidence of years of problems in testing these mechanics. There is also evidence that hundreds of mechanics with questionable licenses are working on aircraft in Texas.

Now there is evidence of repair facilities hiring low-wage mechanics who can't read English.


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