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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Obama The Merry Muslim Making The Despot World Tour, Meet Our New Scum Allies

This Muslim connection with Obama folks is one gigantic, endless we told you so as his first world trips around the world have uncovered a man we warned of, an appeasing glad-hander who's so far gone around the planet lowering the bar of the office to lows never seen in the country's history.

Hi fiving world leaders, yukking it up with deadly communists when the world is supposed to be in major crisis

Now he's bumbling around in the Mexico South America Venezuela corridor of dictators in places were American leaders were above lowering themselves to the levels of these Western Hemisphere despots. However in a mere 75 days this Muslim in Swaddling clothing is backslapping with the lowlife leader who called him an "ignoramus", called Bush the devil at The Un and also calling Bush a “drunk” and a “donkey”…

Better than that they didn't just exchange handshakes like dignified men of stature, not they exchange the "brothers in the hood" 5 stage handshake that reminds me of the kind of things I see on the NBA basketball courts and old reruns of Fat Albert..

Along with that lets add that the Drudge report Friday night is now headlining with the Obama greeting with his new Socialist mentor and hero Hugo Chavez

UPDATE Another interesting plot developed on this little trip so far that the media seems to be ignoring or coarse that would be Obama's choice of reading material provided by his new chum Chavez which should have all Americans concerned even more about the Usurper gone wild.

Read about that here at my friend Left Coast Conservative's blog, a good stop for any blog reader in my book.... I bet you can guess what he found..www.leftcoastrebel.com

Obama, Chavez shake hands at Americas Summit:

"PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad - Presidents Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's socialist leader, met Friday and shook hands on the sidelines of a summit of their hemisphere's democracies.

Obama walked across a hotel meeting room to meet Chavez for the first time, said a senior U.S. administration official who witnessed it and spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the details of the event. The official said Obama initiated the encounter.

Chavez has been a fierce critic of the United States during President George W. Bush's tenure.

"It was very, very short," the official said of Friday's meeting. "The president shook his hand, smiled and then went back to his position in the line."

The encounter comes as Obama softens U.S. policy against Cuba, a Chavez ally.

Asked later about the meeting, Obama elicited laughter from reporters with a brief response: "I said, 'Como estas?'"

That's the familiar form of Spanish for "How are you?"

Chavez was more forthcoming with reporters.

"We shook each other's hands like gentlemen, and it was predictable this would happen," Chavez said.

"We don't have any complexes that would prevent us from extending our hands to each other. I'm grateful for his gesture."

Photos released by the Venezuelan government show the two smiling and Obama touching Chavez on the shoulder. Other photos show them with clenched hands in the room next to the main summit ballroom while the heads of state and government were waiting in line to enter the opening ceremony.

The Venezuelan presidency also said Obama initiated the handshake and quoted Chavez as telling Obama he hopes for better relations between their nations.

Chavez told reporters he had a simple message in English for Obama: "I want to be your friend."

Obama's comments were limited to saying that he wanted to introduce himself to Chavez, the U.S. official said. The Obama official would not comment on what Chavez told the U.S. president.

But when a reporter asked if the Venezuelan account of what happened was accurate, the Obama official said: "I wouldn't dispute that."

As recently as last week, Chavez expressed a desire to "reset" relations with Washington.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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