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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Napolitano gets "stupider" and "stupider" Each Passing Moment, Time For Her To Go

How this woman got to be a governor much less in charge of the security of the entire United States is anyone's guess but certainly this has to be the most incredibly stupid cabinet appointments of all times as she is getting roundly bitch slapped from the right wing extremists like myself for comparing the Canadian Border to the Mexican border falsely claiming and insisting 911 hijackers came through Canada.....

I for one would like to join other bloggers in extending my apologies To Canadians for this brainless Homeland bumbler and monumental screw up on her behalf and exclaim that not a one single thinking person in this country blames our northern border friends for anything going on with 911 of coarse and unequivocally nothing to do with the brutal illegal immigration problems this country faces whatsoever from our seive of a border along Napolitano's home state of Arizona which must be enjoying her respite from the state.

I'm now going to shamelessly borrow this next video idea from blogger extraordinaire Conservative Express who found this brilliant South Park video which effectively describes how idiotic this comparison and insistence Canada had anything to do with these two problems facing America

There are excellent pieces on this story all over the internet if you've missed any the best things I've seen so far have come from this Canadian website yesterday CBC News which covers the entire flap that began on Tuesday and continues to get "worser and worser" (lol) Along with this piece yesterday afternoon from none other than Michelle Malkin who isn't the queen of the blogosphere for nothing with this equally informative and funny piece here. She also had the excellent picture I snagged to the left pun intended.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. She may be even worse than Janet Reno... & Holder of 90's era

  2. Don't forget liberals celebrate ignorance. Think of about how Norm the Chicago tea partier gets attacked, but they celebrate Julio Osegeundo and Trans Fat Woman. She fits in the mold.

  3. Am I the only one to notice that Secretary Napolitano has "man hands"?

  4. Holder is back as you know Sharon, and Bill O'Reilly was railing all over that last night with that wuss Ellis Henican or however it's spelled.

    But yes, these both Janet's are from other planets, that's for sure....

    Clay they seemingly do, speaking of which I've gotten like 750 hits from this monster liberal website that gets millions of hits every month from my Suicide post yesterday man... they are dumping all over us man, I had to shut off the commenting I don't have the time or ammo to battle 500 raging morons from all over the world

  5. After eight years, it's amateur hour again at the White House. Bush may have been inarticulate, but at least he staffed up with professionals who didn't embarrass the United States.

    A Dem gets in a the libtards go crazy. I hope they keep going. They're repulsing the people in the middle.

  6. After eight years, its amateur hour again at the White House. This woman is a disgrace to our country.

    I am a returning veteran, and I am angry. Angry at the surrender monkey democrats who crapped all over our efforts over there, and angry at the hate America press, but that sure as hell didn't turn me into a racist domestic terrorist. It turned me into a concerned American who started reading The Constitution and our founding fathers.

    I hope they keep it up. They'll go to far, libs always do, and the sensible middle will turn away in disgust.

  7. That's a good one from the past PT, one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, I'm betting Janet has more than man hands, she seems like the domineering one in her relationships behind the scenes and carries on the proud tradition of manlike Janet's in the democratic party....Here ya go PT Man Hands Seinfeld

  8. Typical Liberal, just like the bunch that attacked my blog today, take a look, I think you will enjoy my answer to them.

  9. All who were left scratching their heads when Obama chose this obedient toady to head Homeland Security now can get a handle on it: a serious appointee, focused upon real terrorist threats (not imaginary, partisan ones i.e. the TEA parties) -like, say, a Rudolph Giuliani- wouldn’t have been a willing collaborator in a sham report trashing US vets for shameful political purposes.

    Napolitano’s qualification for this job was purely being a liberal Obama sycophant… certainly not any skills, insight, or ability.

    Her recent statements on Canadian border security illustrate how incompetent and puzzled she really is- completely lacking the credentials to be in charge of protecting our country from the likes of Al Qaida.

    Trouble is, the narcissist Obama needs to be surrounded by mindless drones to confirm his omnipotence and pollyanna world view. But such appointments as Napolitano and Panetta to vital national security posts are a show of weakness that will surely encourage terrorists and other rogue characters who see America as their enemy- no matter how hard Barack tries to schmooze them.

    Sadly, anyone who expected The One to place the nation’s practical defense interests above those of his own political security and radical agenda hasn’t looked at how he got this far in the first place.


  10. Great stuff Ray, Congrats on this blog,we have to crack down on them all and show the world what a mistake we made by electing a pansy for our president.

  11. Thanks Stones, I appreciate it.. and Red Head I'll check it out and Yanke as well.....I just fkn delete every single comment from these morons. I hate these people so much I can't even explain it>

    In my world anyone stupid enough to vote for Obama after what's known about him doesn't merit a spit in the face as far as I'm concerned and that's how I feel. I wouldn't ask one of those morons for a drink a water in the hot desert.

  12. The only thing I can say is that Obama, his entire cabinet and the Congress were born ignorant and they have been losing ground eversince.


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