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Monday, April 20, 2009

"More Illegals Doing Those Jobs American's Won't Do".. Three Arrested For Kidnapping

I think I figured out why these illegals are able to find all these jobs American's refuse to do, because most Americans try to stay away from the ones that can require a person to do a 30 to life stretch in their nearest state prison which the illegals seem to enjoy doing, judging from the headlines of America's newspapers daily including this one.

After all, their chances of getting caught are already 50% lower than an American committing the same crime, since there's usually no paper nor fingerprint trail coming from the illegal, so why not give it a shot when the opportunities present themselves?

I, in fact, am of the steadfast belief that many illegals actually come here with that very "job occupation" in mind, full time criminal", especially if they can't build up a decent customer base in their favorite field which often consists of selling cocaine crack and weed to their neighborhood amigo's, who then in turn supply them with more customers (or victims if you will) at their workplaces or other social settings where you're lucky if one of these people ever uses their real names as I've discoved here in Chicago through printing companies who hire these people to do hand labor all the time.

And even better than that, they have a built in escape route to flee right back home again where once there, they're usually never caught for whatever it was that caused them to flee the country in the first place and home free from any legal ramifications of their actions back in America.

The theory is this, no one can be found missing if they never existed in the first place which is why they can disappear so easily after committing crimes. No one knows their real names or fami0ly members and poof, they hit the border and their gone forever.

At least authorities managed to catch these three lowlifes and thank goodness their victim is still alive although likely scarred forever from their encounter with these so called hard at work udocumented scuzzbuckets.

Three arrested in connection with kidnapping, sexual assault of STC student

- News - TheMonitor.com: "WESLACO — Police here arrested three illegal immigrants from Mexico on Friday in connection with the kidnapping and sexual assault of a South Texas College student.

Efrain Ozuna, 30, Martin Rosas, 33, and Benito Zaragoza, 22, were each charged Friday with aggravated kidnapping. Ozuna and Zaragoza are also accused of sexually assaulting the 23-year-old woman.

Wednesday's kidnapping took place about 8:15 a.m. as the student parked at the southeast parking lot of South Texas College's Mid-Valley Campus, 400 N. Border Ave., said David Molina, a spokesman with the Weslaco Police Department.

The woman told police one of the men grabbed her and forced her into their truck. They drove her to various locations and released her in a wooded area south of Donna about 8 p.m. the same day. The kidnappers covered her face with a jacket, she told police.

Molina said the men apparently took her because they thought she was wealthy and they hoped to extract a ransom from her friends and family in exchange for her return. Once they realized 'she didn't have money,' they sexually assaulted her and let her go." continued


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