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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Islam Creep In America With An Ingognito Muslim President; How It Starts And Where It Ends...

A great lesson in this video, only getting the people that need to hear it listen to it is like trying to get the average American to believe that the rapid fire Islamization taking place here is a danger to them as much as it is conservatives.

Like pulling teeth from an African Lion, damn near impossible. Hat Tip Evil Conservative Radio on this one.

This Muslim creep has been evident from day one upon Obama's entrance into the white house and these are questions I'd ask him if given the chance about his allegiance to Islam and the Muslim world....
  • First it was the meeting with Al Aribya tv before addressing Americans after your inauguration, then it was the public promise to re boot our relations with the Muslim world without asking America how we felt about that idea.

  • Then it was olive branches extended to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad which was promptly thrown back in your face, and then came your ridiculous offer to try and meet with these so called yet imaginary "moderate Taliban" which was promptly mocked by not only keen bloggers like myself but the Taliban themselves.

  • And of coarse how could we forget your promise to empty out Club Gitmo in Cuba to appease the "Euro peeons"and again the Muslim world at again the expense of we Americans.

  • And now you're disarming our pilots so as to make flying a little more dangerous than it already is again making flying more comfortable for Muslims and less comfortable for we Americans?

  • Then most recently the obvious and insulting bow to a Muslim Saudi King before the world as your white house attempts a lame cover up asking the world to suspend reality and ignore what they saw with their own eyes.
That's a greatly redacted version of a longer list of lies and deceptions of Obama with the full list visible and readable here

Just who's side are you on Mr Hussein Obama, because it sure isn't America's judging from what evidence to the contrary I just enumerated here. And with a Muslim appeaser ensconced in the white house who knows what kind of national security damage and other obvious negative ramifications are to come from this are yet to be seen but sure to damage the country beyond belief.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing this... I have one slight correction to make although I had no idea until viewing this... In Dearborn MI we have the largest Arab/Muslim population in the country. The Dearborn public schools operate on their calendar, even though it is an American school. I am about 9 miles from Dearborn. They have already been pushing for HALAL meat here.. I had no idea the meaning until watching...... I have one disturbing question: based on this, and our presidents previous practices of the faith, than he knows darn well the story of Islam right? Boy this needs to get out.

  2. Sharon just punch in Islam Obama in the search bar at the Navigation bar on top of the blog and you will be brought to 500 different posts talking about Obama and his Islamic connections.

    Obama was born a Muslim and raised until his teens as a  Muslim and truthfully has never been baptised as a Christian so he's still a Muslim as far as anyone besides American liberals is concerned.. Please read this article I posted titled My Muslim President  that appeared in Forbes Magazine and you will learn much about how Muslims around the world and this country view Obama...

    This post here is a list of the top 100 lies told by Obama over his politcal career, only ten years and as a Chicago man who's followed his career they are all true .

  3. Thanks for the information ! I will study up

  4. Your very welcome and anytime I can be of assistance feel free to inquire ....


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