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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Football Will Never Be The Same Without John Madden

It's that simple.

Watching football games become a little less enjoyable without hearing John Madden's overly descriptive, energy filled color analysis for many who are a little less versed in the ins and outs of football, as Madden had that great unique way of explaining stuff to folks so the less knowledgeable could understand and thus enjoy the game much more.

He'll be missed but not gone forever, so hopefully he enjoys his long awaited retirement because he certainly deserves it at 73 years young still so alive and healthy as he appears to be.

But particularly so he can start spending his mounds of money before the Obama economy and IRS whores get their socialist paws on it, either by making his fortune worth less and less each day with higher taxes, certain hyperinflation and / or abysmally poor market performance, except with him it's about 5000 times more money he has tucked away than the rest of us .

Or the worst option out there for older folks like him facing older age; by Geithner and friends grabbing 50-70% when he and all the other rich American Old Timers out there dies, which they're hoping for a flood of soon I'm sure down at that bankrupt treasury of ours thanks to ObamaHood and his merry metrosexual men.

Broadcast Legend John Madden Retires

NBC Washington: "Since 1979, John Madden has been the gold standard in NFL broadcast analysis. He's been less of a man and more than a brand. And today, that brand is retiring. After 30 years in the broadcast booth, John Madden is calling it quits." continued


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  1. I agree. It's like watching the baseball announcer legends die, most recently in Philadelphia. For me it was Jack Buck and Harry Caray, and now their voices are gone as is part of the game. It's sad even though their voices live forever. Every time I see a frail Jack Buck step in front of thousands in the old and better Busch stadium and read his 9.11 poem, it brings a tear to my eye.

  2. Clay I personally love the old timers in all the sports, as the people today are just money whores who will go anywhere anytime for more dough and could give a shi& about the fans the team or the city except for maybe Al Michaels and then some of these NFL announcers who do the local things.

    I prefer the old America and that's just the way I am.....


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