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Thursday, April 30, 2009

California Woman Claim: "My Father Was the Zodiac Killer" Or Too Many Shrooms and Protests?

I'm opting for the latter on this deal as there's got to be a million reasons why this woman would be claiming something like this so far after the fact, especially in the media mad world of which we live in today and these reasons mostly look like this:

California Woman: My Father Was the Zodiac Killer -

FOXNews.com - US News: "SAN FRANCISCO SAN FRANCISCO — A Southern California woman said Wednesday that her late father was the infamous Zodiac killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay area four decades ago.

San Francisco homicide investigators said they will check into the information from Deborah Perez, who said her father, Guy Ward Hendrickson, killed at least two of the known victims 40 years ago.

Sgt. Lyn Tomioka said the investigation into the 1969 death of San Francisco taxi driver Paul Lee Stine related to the Zodiac killer remains ongoing.

"We get a significant number of calls a year. We will look into whatever evidence that is presented to us," Tomioka said about the case that also inspired a hit movie in 2007.

During a frenzied news conference outside the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday, Perez, of Corona, California, said she has given police what she believes are Stine's eyeglasses and letters she wrote — some to the newspaper — on her father's behalf about the crimes.

Perez claims she was a naive 7-year-old tagging along with her father during the killings.

"He told me he was sick, and all I wanted to do was help my dad," said Perez, who came to her conclusion about two years ago. "He kept telling me he was sick and he killed many, many people. I had no idea."

No 7 year old is that stupid, but then again some human stupidity is hard to harness and understand.

The self-described Zodiac killer is blamed for at least five murders in 1968 and 1969. He was never caught, though many believe he was Arthur Leigh Allen, a convicted child molester who died in 1992.

Hendrickson, a carpenter with six children, died in 1983 from cancer.

Perez said she could not keep her father's secrets any longer.


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  1. Yeah, and my great grandpa was Jack the Ripper.

  2. Have you ever read the book about the Zodiac incidents? That was one scary dude, or dudes. Chances are, she didn't know him at all and just needs a hug.

  3. Little bits and pieces through media accounts but I'm an avid reader and will take your recommendation and read it in the next few days Blue.....You're probably right about the hug...

  4. If you want to read about some really scary "Z" murders in California, try to find a copy of Howard Clark's book "Zebra". It covers the Zebra murders in San Francisco. The killings happened around 1973 and '74; nobody is sure just how many there were. They were perpetrated by a number of killers, all of them black.

    Talking about them is not Politically Correct because they were directed by the Nation of Islam's Chicago headquarters. You can Google it up, but you really need to read Clak's book to get a grasp of how gruesome and stupid these killings really were.

    These wannabe "Fruit of Islam Death Angels" made the Zodiac look like a piker. Its OK to revisit the Zodiac, though. He was a white man.

  5. Heard of that one too through news accounts, Amazon used has that one and I'll pick it up too thanks for the reviews Pt and blue. hit the send button too quick.

    The PC against we Cracker's is so terribly out of control that one is branded so quickly a racist for nothing then why not just go all the way and be a real one many out there are probably thinking. They neuter the real meaning of the world and the true racism is coming back as a result

    This Obama stuff is nothing compared to true racism out there, and I don't mean here in America either. The most dangerous racists are in Germany and Africa from what I read and see.


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