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Monday, April 20, 2009

America Should Be Ashamed As The Media's Obama Whores Prepare to Celebrate 100 days...

Good God Almighty help us all though fewer and fewer seem to deserve it with each passing day.

After this little "100 days of Obama" celebration planned by CNN a week from this Wednesday congress may have to change America's ban on prostitution so that the media whores will be able travel from state to state legally to continue this absolutely "sluterrific" Obama coverage for the remainder of his term.

This moment will be the newest low spot reached yet by the journalism profession in our short but glorious history until our downfall to socialism started taking hold, so since those in the media feel no shame whatsoever abdicating their responsibility of reporting the news and checking the government at the inception of the Obama campaign some three long years ago.

As we know they instead have opted to become the head cheerleaders passing around Obama's collectivism plates and the accompanying propaganda while they are at it, therefore they have now reached the well deserved designation of the "least respected profession in America" today, supplanting the majority of America's millions of unscrupulous lawyers many of whom double as unscrupulous lawmakers as our most despicable citizens by a longshot I would bet were it possible to take a legitimate poll not skewed towards the Wonder Boy.

I truly feel sorry for those college kids out there today who chose journalism as their majors and career path because the present crop of Obama whores have de-legitimized the profession for a generation if not forever due to their disgracefully abhorrent Obama coverage or absolute lack of it I should say.

The American Media is now so full of Obama whores that they need to start their own red light district right in the middle of Manhattan that'll look something like this

CNN to treat Obama's 100th day like election night:

"NEW YORK (AP)- CNN is marking President Barack Obama's 100th day in office with prime-time coverage that will recall last year's primary and general election nights, right down to John King's magic wall.

The network says it will compile a national report card of Obama's performance, using opinion polls and a series of viewer surveys.

The big night is April 29, a week from this Wednesday, pre-empting regular programming."

Most of the anchors and commentators who were CNN regulars on political nights last year will appear.

"This is the perfect day to have commentary about how the president is doing and the perfect day to ask the public how they think the president is doing," said Sam Feist, CNN's political director. He's been planning the 100th and 200th day specials since shortly after the election.

The 100-day marker is a journalistic contrivance often used to evaluate new administrations. CNN is giving extra importance to this one because of the two wars and economic meltdown.

ABC News is planning to mark the day with reporting on "Good Morning America," "World News" and "Nightline," a spokeswoman said. Other television networks haven't made their plans clear.

CNN will review actions taken by the Obama administration and give viewers a chance to grade him, the Cabinet and Congress, Feist said.

"It's going to have the energy and excitement of an election night," Feist said.

King, who used a giant touchscreen during the election to keep track of polling data, will use it again to show where money is going from the economic stimulus plan, he said. Bill Schneider will review polling data. Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Soledad O'Brien will join King as the network's on-air leaders.

CNN won a Peabody Award for its primary and debate night coverage last year and, given consistently high ratings for these political nights, would love an encore. Prime-time has also been a weakness for the network, as CNN finished third in prime-time viewers behind Fox News Channel and MSNBC for the first time ever during the first quarter of the year.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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