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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rezco Sentencing Put On Hold Since He Has Decided He's Gonna Sing The O ' Blago bama Tune They're Waiting To Hear

Obama tries to paint the false picture of distance and disconnect from his very good friend and decades long supporter Hot Rod Blabojevich, who along with Tony Rezco, William Ayer, Reverend Wright and Emil Jones round out the small group of men entirely responsible for creating Obama and his career, and after how he treats them when life threatening trouble has arisen for Rezco and Blago, now 's their chance to bring down the Frankenstein monster they had a great hand in creating

While these three thieves, Obama, Rezco and Blago were all flying first class comfort eagle they were much more tight than the media is reporting as we Chicagoans know more than anyone, anyone but these three slimes themselves that is.

Now that 2/3rds of this three Stooge ensemble are singing the blues while the third skates free and unscathed right into the presidency, thanks to the other two's undying and unending tutelage and aid, outright jealousy and that old "nothing from nothing leaves nothing" state these two find themselves in will take over while TeflonBama keeps his snotty, uppity nose above them and their troubles after all they did for him, look for these two to take Teflon Bama down with them right to the sewer they now swim in and soon.

Rezco was apprehensive to turn on Obama hoping for a pardon or clemency but there's now way in **** that'll happen after this implosion, Obama woudln't want to risk th political fallout in a first term, so Rezco can sign his own sentence with enough goods on Blago,Obama, Daley. As a result the whole damn machine may be coming down, and this will be an unexpected historic Bonus for Fitzgerald and the feds too good to pass up, falling right in their laps now that Rezco doesn't have to protect Blago, perhaps solidifying Fitzgerald's place in US history books as an Elliot Ness level prosecutor and perhaps propel him to higher office himself as the new squeaky clean sherriff in town and a great alternative to the same old dishonest slime that now permeates the Government's highest offices in this country from top to bottom this case brings to America's living rooms.

This might explain the unexpected Rezco Judge's change of plans as the La Slimes indicates in the story below:
Blago and his other slimy close buddy
Rham Emmanuel, Obama's point man at a news conference

While Barack Obama talks, Tony Rezko sings |

Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times: "While most of the media's attention focused today on the Chicago news conference of President-elect Barack Obama announcing new Cabinet members and repeating his call for onetime ally Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to resign (see video above), a federal judge made a small, little-noticed legal move on another case.

Without explanation, District Judge Amy St. Eve canceled her own deadlines for lawyers to file briefs on the upcoming sentencing of Antoin 'Tony' Rezko.

That name should sound familiar, as detailed in a Special Ticket Report the other day; he's the Illinois political fixer, real estate man and fundraiser with close connections to Obama, Blagojevich and other Chicago political clans who is unhappy in solitary and sought to advance his sentencing to Jan. 6 on 16 federal counts of fraud, money laundering and abetting bribery. (Obama was not implicated in that trial.)

Now, why would a judge extend the period before sentencing when the convicted prisoner expressed a desire to get on with prison? Without a new briefs deadline, the expedited Jan. 6 sentencing could now be pushed back further.

Because Rezko, in the hopes of reducing his sentence, is singing in his cell about Blagojevich and maybe others. He's not done with his song repertoire and the feds haven't fully checked out his information to determine how grateful to be in sentence-seeking.

A footnote at the bottom of one page in the 76-page ...

... Blagojevich complaint confirms Rezko is cooperating with the FBI, news that could cause an increase in the pre-holiday consumption of Mylanta by other Chicago pols.

Rezko was known as the money man or cashier to see about state jobs through the governor's office. He's known Obama since the early '90s, tried to hire him, did hire the law firm Obama worked for, became partners with the owner of that firm, advised Obama on buying his Hyde Park home and sold him a slice of the adjacent lot.

Antoin Tony Rezko

U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald, a Bush appointee but an independent who doggedly prosecuted Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis Libby, went unusually out of his way in Tuesday's Blagojevich arrest statement to specifically say that Obama was not involved in the criminal complaint over the sale of his vacant Senate sale.

This upholds Obama's statement that he never discussed the vacancy with Blagojevich. Three times in one form or another Fitzgerald said, "There's no reference in the complaint to any conversations involving the president-elect or indicating that the president-elect was aware of it."

Note the absence there of three crucial words: "or his staff."

Blagojevich was recorded complaining the Obama camp was only offering "appreciation," not money. So if Obama didn't talk to the governor, who was expressing appreciation? And for what?

Speaking of absent, Obama's newly designated White House chief of staff, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, was not at today's Cabinet announcement news conference, where he's been a fixture until now.

He might have a cold or been alphabetizing his CD collection. More likely, Team Obama wanted no media availability for him.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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