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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Since When Do Apologies Require Cash on Delivery?

By now the whole world has seen and heard the news from the last Friday performance of ex-Seinfeld star Michael Richards, as this was more important to the US news outlets than most of the other tragic world events occuring this past week.

Now all of a sudden we see where the real motives lie of the so-called "victim's" and their Pimp My Ride chasing lawyer Gloria Allred, that well known man hating defender of any and all women abused where there is money to be made has added a new speciality to her act, "Extortioness Extraordinaire, Champion of The Oppressed By Whitey" crowd.

That's all you can call what these poeple are requesting from Michael Richards in leiu of or in addition to the apology they are demanding from him which I and many others feel he already delivered whether they liked it or not.

Their feelings aren't hurt after all, these lazy bums are looking for some free cash. Maybe Kramer was more accurate than everyone thought with his description of the hecklers right at the onset.
My Way News - Men Seek Apology From Ex-'Seinfeld' Star: "LOS ANGELES (AP) - Two men who say they were insulted by actor-comedian Michael Richards during his racist rant at a comedy club want a personal apology and maybe some money, their lawyer said Friday.

The men, Frank McBride and Kyle Doss, said they were part of a group of about 20 people who had gathered at West Hollywood's Laugh Factory to celebrate a friend's birthday. According to their attorney, Gloria Allred, they were ordering drinks when Richards berated them for interrupting his act.

When one of their group replied that he wasn't funny, Richards launched into a string of obscenities and repeatedly used the n-word. A video cell phone captured the outburst." read more
For that these people think they are deserved of some kind of monetary payoff? My tirade and description of them would make "Kramer's" look like a party invitation if I were he in response to this obvious attempt at blatant extortion. In fact I would turn the tables on these F'ers and countersue them for every dime they ever made or make, if they even have or had jobs, which I'm betting they don't or haven't.

As I am typing this I now see that JJ & Rev Al are gonna push for a ban on the use of the N word in public or something to that effect? NewsBusters has the info on this Jesse Jackson performance on the Today show that I gratefully missed but caught this morning.
Chris Rock Beware? Jesse Jackson Will Fight To 'Prohibit' Public Use of N-Word [Video]
Anyone who tunes into late-night comedy shows knows that many black comedians utter the n-word with rapid-fire frequency. Perhaps Michael Richards mistakenly thought that what was sauce for the goose was sauce for the white gander. In any case, in a Today show appearance this morning, Jesse Jackson declared that he would be working to "prohibit" the use of the word. He didn't offer specifics, but one question naturally arises. Would Jackson's n-word ban begin where the word is most frequently in use - the black community?Interviewed by weekend host Lester Holt [one of my MSM favorites for his level-headedness, I might add] on the Michael Richards mess, Jackson floated his proposal in these terms: read more

All this commotion brings to mind an old old sketch from the original SNL Not Ready For Prime Time Players and Garrett Morris, where he makes fun of white guilt in a satirical commercial.

"From the commercial ..Send your check or money order to White Guilt Relief Fund, care of Garrett Morris, 870 West 127th Street, New York, New York 10089

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