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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Texas GOP Lawmaker Calls for Hearing Into Border Security After Hall OF Fame Rancher's Murder


From now on we Americans owe it to this man to shut down the borders, then name the "NEW AND IMPROVED, all games over"  border initiative after him, and that should consist no less than the following in the wake of this brutal killing of a man who was a friend of the illegals, and now because of their brutality they mess with us from here on out.

In short, not another illegal alien should EVER be welcomed in this country again. See one, call ICE and deport their ass immediately. Straight to the border with the following warning to be broadcast on every  Spanish TV and Radio show in this country and every other Northern American media outlet there is:

We should demand a verbal warning be broadcast for all illegal aliens within our borders in 30 languages that they are to "take the next 3 months getting out of the country, and IF caught here inside our borders after a certain date set forward, they first will be banned forever legal entry into the US, and will be imprisoned for life the next time they're caught coming through our borders illegally.

No if's and's or But's. That's it. Every other country gaurds their borders vociferously, and so now should we forevermore. How this became so out of control is a national disgrace when we spend hundreds of billions on military equipment but we leave our front and back doors wide open? WTF is that? There's no explanation other than some secret agreement with Mexico that we're all unaware of which looks more possible each day.

Bust em and Boot em, Period, end of story, no more lallygagging and kissing the asses of the people who've turned America singlehandedly into a third world cesspools like the one's they left strangely enough,  and we've had it in the name of murdered Arizona Farming & Ranching Hall of Fame member, Robert Krentz, pictured here and now dead thanks to their handiwork.

Do not let this man's death be in vain.

Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, pictured here in 2008, was killed on his own property 35 miles outside of the border town of Douglas, Ariz.
FOXNews.com -  "A Republican lawmaker is calling for a hearing into border security following the murder of a prominent Arizona rancher by an assailant authorities believe was an illegal immigrant.

Rep. Kay Granger of Texas, the top Republican on the House Foreign Operations subcommittee, told Fox News on Thursday that she would like to have a hearing as soon as Congress returns from its Easter recess to help border states whose pleas for federal assistance have so far gone unmet.

'I don't think that we are getting everything we need,' she said, adding that the hearing would provide a platform to discuss what is needed.

Granger said the border fence that was under construction in the Southwest was not helpful.

'What we need is sensors, we need more equipment to see who's coming across the border,' she said. 'We need more roads so that border control can stop them. We need more commitment frankly. We need commitment to make sure that our borders are safe and they're not right now with what's going on in Mexico.'"  continued here
Shoot to kill and that's that.

I'm sick of this nanny state opening it's arms to every John, Juan and other lowlife who manages to slither over under or through the border, the little fun and games with these criminals should be ended today. NO more as we're sick of it and we're not taking this sitting down anymore.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I really can't believe it either and we really should now only elect people that do what we tell them to do period which rules out the entire group that's there right now.

  2. Shannon (N5KOU) McGauleySaturday, April 03, 2010

    The fence works in the EL Paso sector not sure what Kay is refering too!

  3. Ya know I said the exact same thing Shannon..It works wherever they've put New Fencing...maybe she's referring to the old barbed wire ones that didn't even keep dogs out, the animal version...... actually those didn't keep the human animals out either now that I think about it  ! ;)


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