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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama Apologizes To Japan For Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Well he didn't exactly do that, but he did what he does best and that was to essentially refuse to defend the WWII bombings that halted the Japanese agression in it's tracks and most historians agree was a move that saved millions and millions of lived by ending the war after Japan sucked in the United States with the unprovoked Pearl Harbor Attacks.

Typical Obama and I was fully expecting to hear something of this nature on his Asian trip since he's gone around the world hat in hand apologizing to everyone and their mothers for this country and all the great things we've collectively done to save the Europeans and 50 million plus mostly ungrateful Muslims from tyranny over the past 100 years..

So much was I expecting it I also expected to see or read something like we just saw in the video related to some type of unsolicited apology and wrote this goofy satire piece before he even left just in case he did exactly what he did and as planned here it is.

Obama Apologizes To Japan For Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Associated Puss Satire:  This morning in Japan, President Barack Hussein Obama, feeling overwhelmingly  welcomed by his Japanese hosts, felt compelled to apologize to the premier of Japan, it's citizens both then and now, including all dinner guests for what he called "America's inexcusable brutal slaughter of at least 75 million Japanese or something like that during WWII ...I think"

In addition, he promised "he would seek out the remaining next of kin of all members of the Manhattan Project (since there are no survivors in this late date) and punish them instead for their dead relatives transgressions by selfishly creating the Atom and hydrogen bombs placing us the nuclear dilemma we are in today"..

"It's America's fault" said  Obama to the thousands of cheering Japanese "and we will pay the Japanese reparations too after we get done paying off the black community".

The apology was immediately accepted and lauded by all European leaders as "long overdue" and earned Obama a special seat next to the "Eternal EMPEROR HIROHITO" statue, which Obama immediately took a liking to and asked the Japanese premier for the number of the artist.

He explained that was just so he could immediately commission a similar 45 story high statue of himself, which he indicated might be placed in the White House front yard right between the Obama's garden and the MSM Lodging wing of the White House.  He even suggested it might outright replace the aging Washington monument, although some complaints would likely expected from the gay community, which believes the "Intended Phallic nature of the monument" spruces up the Mall and is a homage to they believe  was George Washington's closet homosexuality..
Ok that's not what really happened, but then again he's spent the first 8 months of his presidency apologizing left and right to anyone and everyone who wanted one and would listen, which he is  well aware makes him more popular "over there", so who knows that the hell he gives away or apologizes for on this trip and my satire above may end up being true afterall since this entire administration is like a bad made for TV movie.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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