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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

McCain Kisses Up To Liberals & Obama Campaign Today

On MSNBC a report came across that I caught on the web regarding radio host Bill Cunningham, who I listen to on Sunday nights referring to Barack Hussein Obama as exactly that, Barack Hussein Obama warming up a crowd today before a McCain rally, something he does with regularity on his radio show which I personally find no problem with.

After all, it's his middle name, and if he finds it so offensive being referred to by his full name I find something terribly wrong and offensive with that as should the American public. Never in my life have I heard of someone being referred to in their full name as an offensive slur!!! F'kng ridiculous.

John McCain, the liberal kissup that he is, quickly caved when confronted upon his arrival at the stop apologized profusely for Cunningham's supposedly offensive remarks referring to Hussein Obama as,well Barack Hussein Obama, his name for cripesake..

This is another reason why John McCain sucks as our candidate this fall, his propensity to suck up to liberals in a heartbeat on many issues dear to conservatives, and this is one of hem as well.

MSNBC, particularly the nimrod Keith Olbermann on his barely watched nightly liberal television circus constantly whines and cries about Cunningham using this tact when talking about Obama on his radio show as did Dan Abrahms, another Obama sycophant apparently in his report this afternoon that they replaced on the web with that lame brained Andrea Mitchell's report instead.

In response to this report I fired off this email to Dan Abrahms basically reiterating what I said above in a more condensed form regarding his report:
I would like to know what exactly is so offensive as you ridiculously imply on your show this afternoon by Bill Cunningham referring to Barack Hussein Obama as Barack Hussein Obama? It's his damn name and if you ask me, there's something wrong with a candidate who's ashamed of his middle name, don't you think? I sure as heck do. And John McCain is spineless for apologizing on demand as well, and that's why he sucks as our republican candidate, he kisses up to liberals and his opponent whenever confronted with a choice to do so.

We are in big trouble this fall and this country will suffer permanent damage as a result of electing a Muslim candidate who gets elected by running from and hiding his Muslim heritage from the electorate with the help of a complicit media who is afraid to confront the subject as well for fear of being branded racists for reporting the truth.

Here are the liberal responses googled on the web today to this event as the whole left defends a candidate who is ashamed to be introduced by his middle name at speaking engagements and in public. Pathetic.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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