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Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Enemies of America Getting Closer & Closer

Beginning with the first ever Muslim elected to the congress in Minnesota "who will be demanding that he is sworn in with the Koran by the way" as icing on the cake, the official "Enemies of America"'s favorite party of choice can now claim absolute complete victory in the mid-terms as Jim Webb has now been declared the winner in yesterday's undecided Virginia senate race. This unless Allen decides to be a pain in the rear by not conceding and demanding a recount, jerking around Webb and the Dems until the end of December.

Is it me, or after reading and hearing some of the things that Mr Webb has floating around in the back of his head and then penned into his sickening novels, he is one creepy slithering snake type of guy is he not? Just take a look at these anti-webb campaign vids & pictures then decide for yourself. I do not think I am the only one who happens to think he is a bit weird.

BREITBART.COM - Dems Complete Election Sweep of Congress: "Democrats completed an improbable double-barreled election sweep of Congress on Wednesday, taking control of the Senate with a victory in Virginia as they padded their day-old majority in the House.

Jim Webb's victory over Sen. George Allen in Virginia assured Democrats of 51 seats when the Senate convenes in January. That marked a gain of six in midterm elections in which the war in Iraq and President Bush were major issues.

Earlier, State Sen. Jon Tester triumphed over Republican Sen. Conrad Burns in a long, late count in Montana.

With a handful of House races too close to call, Democrats had gained 28 seats, enough to regain the majority after 12 years of Republican rule and place Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California in line to become the first female speaker in history.

'It was a thumping,' Bush conceded at the White House. 'It's clear the Democrat Party had a good night.'

Allen's campaign issued a statement noting that state officials are conducting a canvass of the votes cast in Tuesday's balloting.

'At the conclusion of those efforts, Senator George Allen plans to make a statement regarding the outcome,' it said." read more

As I mentioned yesterday and we all know, Patriot and long time civil servant to the US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld handed in his resignation so that he can deal specifically with what is sure to be a flurry of democratic capital hill subpeonas thet they have promised to deliver in regards to the execution of the Iraq war thus far. read more

In addition our friends at StopTheACLU has the youtube video and some good commentary on and about the somewhat unusual joint "acceptance and show me the door" news conference yesterday with Rumsfeld, Bush and the newly recruited Defense secretary Gates that must be confirmed by the Slickstress and her committee loaded with anti war lefties like Ted Kennedy..

The dems should be in full blown orgasmic "hatred pays off mode" today after sweeping through these elections, but I have a word of caution for them in addition to the lengthy diatribe I issued yesterday posted yesterday.

Don't get too comfortable down there in Washington, as your OTJT learning curve is pretty short. We are at war as you know and the terrorists along with our other enemies are probably concocting some sort of "welcome to the show" invite for you all that hopefully they will not decide to execute against this country any time soon.

The left has become so accustomed to working with them and against us it will be hard to act like they truly want to defeat them instead of providng daily talking points like theyhave been doing while attempting to regain the power so badly wanted and now possess..

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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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